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Time to think about a summer makeover.

Summer is a great time to start thinking of what you would like to do to refresh your rooms. Did you know you can arrange an inhome consultation? Are you thinking about a new sofa? Are your lamps and lighting making the most of your rooms? Maybe you just need to pick a new and exciting wall colour? Window coverings can also make a room look dated. Call us and lets get started.

Are you thinking of moving? Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. Proper planning helps reduce most of the stress. Give us a call and arrange an in home consultation if you would like us to make your move easier and less stressful. 905 209 8989.

Announcing our new Artisan line of Glass Art and Custom Artisan Jewelery from Artglas and all made locally. These amazing pieces are also sold at Disney World and Canadian Galleries. In person shopping only.

New Collection of Michael Penney throw cushions now in stock. See Michael on the Marilyn Dennis Show.

Welcome to the Pineapple Design Store

Pineapple Design is a retail Furniture and Home Decor Store that offers Interior Planning and Design services. We create interiors that reflect each client's individual taste and lifestyle. The way you feel in a space is influenced not only by specific furnishings in a room, but also by how they fit together, including the existence of focal points, balance, texture and lighting. We strive to provide our clients with a curated collection of fine furniture, lighting, carpets, bedlinens, art, home décor and window coverings.

Call and arrange an in home consultation to get started.

We can help you with all your interior projects from space planning and design to all the furnishings, colour palette , and everything else you need. You can arrange an in home consultation to get started. Just drop us an email or call. You can hire us for a minimum of 2 hours or we can quote you a project rate. We would love to make your house the home of your dreams. Let's get started and make it all happen.

Special: See our Special Sales section.

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